Why We Love Chandeliers

Posted by Brandy Marshall on Monday, November 18, 2013 Under: Wedding Ideas
A couple of weeks ago, we got a brand new chandelier in the shop- and we absolutely LOVE it. 

We realized that we hadn't really talked about all of the chandeliers that we offer on the blog yet and thought this week we would share some eye candy showcasing the glorious ways that chandeliers can spice up your ceremony or reception. 

Let's start with the newest member of our chandelier collection. We love that it combines the rustic touch of twigs with a little bling, and that it features a lighted garland. The best part? No electricity required to make the lights work. 

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Speaking of rustic, we've raved about our wagon wheel chandelier before. It is the perfect combination of rustic and charming, and more than once we have wanted to take it home with us to hang over our dining room table. This bad boy lights up too, and is completely electricity free as well. 

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Now let's talk bling. Our next chandeliers are gorgeous and crystal, perfect for a more formal affair, or for adding a little contrast to an otherwise rustic event. 

Our tiered chandelier is perfect for hanging over altars, cake tables, or even in a sitting or photo area. It plays beautifully in sunlight, and isn't overly heavy or overbearing, which makes it incredibly versatile. 

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Our spiral chandeliers are a bit smaller, so they can be hung on hooks at the aisle entrance, or used as a focal point for other decorations, in addition to looking great over the altar or cake table. 

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