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Posted by Brandy Marshall on Monday, March 3, 2014 Under: Wedding Ideas

You guys, we are so excited for this year! Not only do we have a record number of brides already signed up for the year (give us a call soon, we are booking quickly!) but we ALSO have a brand new crop of amazing rentals that we can’t wait to share with you.

We talked a couple of weeks ago about this phenomenal red desk:



But we didn’t tell you that we were in the process of adding a couple additional gorgeous pieces to our desk/table family:


Not only are we sporting the gorgeous tables above, who are just dying for you to use them like this


(photo 1 photo 2)

But we have also added this rustic little number to our collection of drink holders:


Believe us when we say that Grandma Ruth will thank you for not having your beverages at ground level. 

Speaking of Grandma Ruth, we know that she will arrive at your wedding with a painstakingly selected card in hand- so we are offering a couple more options when it comes to card boxes this year:

They are chic, rustic, romantic and just waiting to collect the well wishes your guests are sure to bring you! Maybe on one of our new tables, decorated to perfection:


(photo 1 photo 2) 

Last but not least, we should probably mention one of the new pieces we are most excited about sharing; our brand new stand alone gates!


Gone are the days of guests traipsing where they don’t belong- these gates are the perfect way to protect your aisle, and to make your entrance (and photos) breathtaking. 

Loving our new items? We've got more to share here including doors chandeliers and signs galore! 

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