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There are certain wedding problems that every bride has to solve. Brides across the board are faced with the task of seating charts, menu planning and how on earth to describe “dusty-sea-foamy-but-more-grass-green-than-ocean-blue-with-a-little-sparkle” to their bridesmaids. One of the big issues that brides deal with is the question of ring bearers and flower girls.

Kids are notoriously unreliable, and will either add a new level of cute, or a new level of meltdown to any wedding proceedings. Never mind the ones that can make it down the aisle without help- what about brides and grooms with young kids or relatives that can’t quite walk (or even sit up) yet?

Enter one of the best problem solving trends of 2013, the flower girl wagon:

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Using a wagon in your wedding is a great way to get wee tots down the aisle comfortable and safely without having a wedding processional featuring bridesmaids juggling bouquets AND babies. You can set your wagon up in whatever way is most functional for your wedding.

With a Bumbo seat so that a little one can sit up and see:

Or blankets for the little ones that don’t like sitting up:

With a buckled seat to make sure that a squirmy little one doesn’t make a run for it:

For babies AND furry babies:

Or even with room for more than one to ride: 

While any number of wagons could work, we like the idea of keeping things simple and classy with a white number that works with every aesthetic.  Rather than dropping $300 buying a wagon that you will use for 5-30 minutes (depending on the cooperation of your little wedding party members) we strongly encourage brides to rent. We have this gorgeous wagon in stock and ready to be a part of your day:

Not digging the idea of an all white wagon? Dress it up with decorations that match your theme! Everything from flowers to adorable signs will make your wagon one of a kind. We have a couple great signs for rent here, as well. 

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