Top Rentals for Your Barbecue wedding

Posted by Brandy Marshall on Friday, May 23, 2014 Under: Wedding Ideas

With Memorial Day weekend kicking off what we consider to be official barbeque season, we have summer entertaining on the brain. Even if you aren’t having a summer barbeque wedding (and if you are, we are so jealous!) between graduation parties, birthdays and the fourth of July, we know that summer calls for entertaining all its own. As it turns out, we have some rentals that can help with that.

Keep things frosty (and off the ground, and bug-free) in one of our adorable drink containers. We’ve also seen parents borrow the kiddie pool and fill it with ice for a quick and easy drink container, if you are looking for last minute ideas! 1 2

These days, cake stands aren’t just for sweets- they can play a supporting role for tasty eats of all kinds. Incorporating some levels in your food display is a great way to utilize your table space well, in addition to looking crisp and clean! 1 2 3


Since most of us don’t actually have 5 folding tables hidden in our garage, you may need to rent a couple of tables for your shindig. We have a variety of shapes, sizes and colors in our table stock, so we can definitely make sure you don’t have a last minute food-vs-table situation. 1 2


If you are looking for ways to help your guests beat the heat, our umbrellas are a great way to keep things cool and refreshing, not to mention classy! 1

Of course, if you are looking to add a little ambiance, we can help with that as well. We’ve got barrels, barn doors, fences and lanterns galore, just waiting to make your event the even of the summer. 

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