To Rent or to Buy?

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Deciding which pieces you want to rent for your wedding versus which ones you should buy can be a complicated process. Our livelihood is wrapped up in providing brides with great options for renting, but we understand that certain pieces can be worth buying and keeping, even if they cost a bit more. The real question is- how can brides determine whether or not an item is better rented than bought? Our system is to see if the item passes the Six "S" Test. 


Something to consider is whether or not the items your wedding vision requires are actually rentable. We stock a broad selection from a variety of tastes, but if you are hunting for something extremely custom (crystal candle sticks in the shape of Elvis's head, for example) you may have better luck with purchasing. Even if you are set on a custom idea, supplementing with rented pieces can be a great way to make sure your budget doesn't get blown all in one place (maybe the king could be on every other table, or on the head table only).  

If you're pondering the benefits of buying your own large accent pieces (think archways, barrels, wooden stands), you need to consider what you plan to do with your items post-nuptial. Do you have a place in your garden that you have set aside for your archway to get friendly with your cultivated ivy? Are you dying to make your barrels into side tables for your rustic porch? Do you live in an apartment with no garage space that will shortly filled with your Mr.'s musical equipment? Consider very carefully what you plan to do with your larger pieces before pulling out your wallet- they can be great keepsakes, but they require some advanced planning. 

There are bits and pieces from your wedding that you will definitely want to keep. Cake toppers, pressed flowers and cake serving sets follow brides home every day, and can be a wonderful way to commemorate your "I do"s. Your linens, table settings and 49 candle holders, however, are probably less sentimental and will be more of a headache than they are worth. Unity candle? Definitely keep. Lighter you used to light the candle? Maybe not so much. 

For the items that pass the sentimental test, let's talk realism. If you want to save your glass vase collection for future generations to use, you need to have a plan to keep the collection safe while said future generations are wee tots with a propensity to break... everything. If you want to keep something large or sentimental (or large AND sentimental), make sure you don't end up pawning them at a garage sale in 4 years by securing a storage solution in advance. Maybe grandma has some space in her china cabinet that can keep your glasses safe. If you can't find a good solution, you may need to consider scaling back and only purchasing and keeping one or two vases, and renting the rest. 

Another thing to consider is how many you need. Storage concerns aside- if you are trying to buy 37 identical vases, you may have a bit of trouble finding the quantity you need. If you are ok with the mismatched look, you can always scour the thrift stores and borrow from family and friends, but if you want uniformity you will definitely be better off renting. If you do opt to purchase, we encourage brides who are looking to clear out their wedding stash to drop by and chat with us to see if we have any interest in purchasing the stock to provide for future brides. 

Sometimes our weddings don't necessarily match our living style. Brides who have tropical weddings sometimes live in the frigid north, and the city girl may indulge her country side for her wedding... but can't quite wear her cowboy boots to work at the law firm. If your wedding style doesn't match the decor of your life, purchasing decor can sometimes backfire. Its easy to think "Hey, I should just buy these hanging vases and use them at home after the wedding". If you live in a house full of toddlers or cats, or have the unique ability to even kill the plastic plants your mom bought you... you should probably rent those vases instead of buying them.  

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