The Perfect Venue: Backyard Wedding Ideas

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One of the hardest aspects of planning a wedding is finding the perfect venue. Not only are there a million different places to look at, each of those places have their own set of restrictions and rules that must be followed- some want you to use their caterer, while others have ugly green carpet that just doesn’t jive with your mint and peach dream wedding.

Before you begin what promises to be an exhausting hunt for the elusive perfect venue, we wanted to mention a venue that we think might be just perfect for you that you may not have considered.

Your backyard.

We hear from brides frequently that they would love to save the money and get married at home, but that they just don’t think that they can work out the logistics of renting everything required that most venues include. We completely understand what a daunting task it is to start from scratch, which is why we would love to work with you and use our experience to your benefit.

Let’s start with the essentials. Your guests will need a place to sit, and you will need a designated ceremony area (ahem… with no ugly folding chairs or awkward red carpet included) We have several varieties of gorgeous chairs to choose from, and a growing selection of archways that are perfect for creating an “altar” of sorts (we gushed about our archways here). All summer we have been seeing our brides create intimate and unique ceremony areas by incorporating their own flare with our basic pieces.

Many venues provide a designated guest book area and gift area, but it may not necessarily be to your tastes. We have everything from bistro tables to barrels, antique buffets to desks, we are sure we can create just the look that you want, in your own back yard.  We also have signage to make sure that your guests get to where the need to be.


The part of backyard weddings that tends to be the most daunting is the reception- making sure that everyone has a place to sit and that there is plenty of serving space for the food that you carefully taste tested.  Not only do we have tables, chairs, linens and dishes available, but we also have a wide variety of cake stands to showcase your tasty sweets. While venues may have 1 or 2 options to choose from as far as vases go, we have well over 15 variations of vases, not to mention our candle and lantern collections. See our full linen collection here.


If you aren't quite convinced, here are a couple of examples of how your backyard wedding could look: 

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