The Great Coverup: Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Posted by Brandy Marshall on Thursday, June 27, 2013 Under: Wedding Ideas

Wedding backdrops are one trend this year that we are 100% on board with. Not only can backdrops be used to cover unsightly walls, they can add accent and texture to a room with minimal cost. 

We absolutely love this white backdrop that we have available this year:


We love that it is elegant, but can be combined with other elements or even DIY projects to make it more personal. We love how it looks on its own, but for a little more flavor, here are a couple of our favorite ideas for wedding backdrops this year:


For a little extra color, consider using these vases (which we have here) in combination with the gorgeous white backdrop to create a focal point for your ceremony.

If live flowers really aren’t your style, try using plastic flowers and fishing line to create an overlay like this one. The colors on the white fabric will look stunning. 

On the subject of color- with paper trends taking the internet by storm, there are no short supply of gorgeous DIY backdrop options this year. Many of these projects are more focused on providing interest rather than coverage, so combining our backdrop with any of these ideas is a sure fire way to get the ugly wall covered AND get your guests talking.

For evening receptions, using lights with a white backdrop can create a really cool effect that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. We particularly love this idea for the cake or sweetheart table. When the lights are dimmed for dancing, these lights will really pop and make for gorgeous photos. 

Flower Vases
Hanging Flowers
Paper: 1 2 
Lighting: 1 2 3 

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