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Posted by Brandy Marshall on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 Under: rental information

Did you know that Oh So Chic Boutique offers rentals for every occasion, not just weddings? As a full service event rental company, we have items to rent for birthdays, corporate parties, anniversary parties, graduation shindigs and much more! Check out a few of our picks below.

Engagement and Anniversary parties
Some parties require a little more sophistication than others. Typically, engagement and anniversary parties are a great change to flex your elegant muscles and let your romantic side take over. In the interest of keeping your romantic side from spending all of your money, however, you may want to rent your décor rather than purchasing them. We have a stunning collection of vases that can elevate an event in an instant, and chandelier that will knock the happy couple’s socks off. 

Corporate Functions
Worried that this year’s corporate functions are going to be a bit of a yawn? Ditch the paper plates and the office’s burnt table cloth collection and spring for something new and inventive. We’ve got place settings, vases and glamorous touches that can take your corporate affair from “blah” to “beautiful”.  Our gorgeous vase collection covers everything form casual to formal, and our bistro tables combined with our unique tablecloth collection really makes a statement.


Birthday Parties
Whether you are celebrating your 9 year old’s birthday in a haze of pink and black, or your sister’s 37th birthday with a little glitz and glam, we have rentals that can take your event to the next level. Don’t let your party planning be limited by the 3 mismatched vases you have in your possession, or the cheap decorations you can find at your local party store. Let our cultivated collection lend a hand with everything from stunning lanterns to the perfect pink and black tablecloths.

We’ve all been to that party- the one that really needed two gift tables instead of one, or had desserts stacked precariously on two tables, when four probably would have been better.  We have a variety of table styles that can make sure you don’t end up in a table space shortage. Our philosophy is that it is always better to have too much space than too little. 

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