Our Vintage Suitcase 8 Unexpected Ways

Posted by Brandy Marshall on Monday, September 23, 2013 Under: Wedding Ideas
Amidst the gorgeous linen, to-die-for chairs and twinkling collection of vases in our showroom, we have some items that may seem a little random at first glance. For example, we added this vintage suitcase to our collection last year: 

Why, you may wonder, do we have a vintage suitcase for rent? We can probably show you better than tell you. Take a gander at these 8 stunning ideas for using a suitcase as part of your next event. 

Add a little variation to your dessert buffet, or a little height to your wedding cake by incorporating our suitcase into your table scape. 1 2 3

Use our suitcase as an easy and charming card box. 1 2 3 

If your cards already have a holder, our suitcase can be utilized as a program or favor holder that is sure to catch guests' attention. 1 2 3

Don't let your guests guess about their seating arrangements- use our suitcase to display your table plan, or even to display your escort cards. 1 2 3

If you are opting to offer shawls, sunglasses or dancing shoes to keep your guests extra comfy, our vintage suitcase is a perfect and stylish place to display your offerings. 1 2 

If you have unwieldily Photobooth Props (let's face it, those mustaches on a stick can be cumbersome) a suitcase is just the right size to set by your photobooth to keep your props under control. 

Last but not least, vintage suitcases can take an ordinary photo to the next level. You and your new husband are about to start on a life-long journey together- commemorate your trip with a travel photo! 1 2 

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