One Table, Seven Ways

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One of our favorite parts of our business is getting to see how our brides can take basics and make them their own. We have vases that have seen everything from rose petals to candles to candy to balls of twine, not to mention flowers galore. We were thinking about some of our table renting options, and how fun it is to see how clients incorporate our bistro tables into their wedding design. Today we thought we would gush over some of the incredible things you can do with a bistro table! 

Here's how the table looks sans decoration:

And here are 7 creative ways to dress the table up for your special day:

Tying the table with burlap and toping it with a rustic floral arrangement takes this table from modern to vintage in no time. 

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For a fuller look, we recommend forgoing the sash and using a textured table cloth. Add a little under-lighting, and you have a cocktail set up that your guests will rave about for sure. 

Tables can be a great focal point in an otherwise open space. If you need to mark the edge of the designated "wedding area", setting up some tables splashed with your decor (we LOVE the antlers) is a great way to do it. 

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Speaking of your decor, we love the idea of using your tables to tell your guests a little about you. Combining tables with some fabulous picture frames is an easy way to add a personal touch to your cocktail hour. 

If you are saying your "I do"s outside, and are a little short on lighting, you can use your tables as larger than life candle holders. It keeps candles off the ground, and away from the fingers of little ones, while lending an air of enchantment to your ceremony or reception area. 

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Bistro tables are the perfect heigh for guest books; they reduce the amount of bending that grandma has to do, and are much more mobile than a traditional table. Utilize your wedding colors to make your table pop so that your guests know exactly where to sign on the dotted line.  

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With summer coming to a close, we are basking in the last rays of nautical wedding decor. For simple nautical table decorations, we recommend tying your table cloths with a cord or rope, rather than a sash. 

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