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Posted by Brandy Marshall on Monday, February 3, 2014 Under: Wedding Ideas

If you follow us on Facebook (and if you don’t, we think you should) you may have seen this little beauty pop up a couple of weeks ago:


This gorgeous desk is now available for rent- and we predict it will be VERY popular this summer! Not quite sure what our little red desk has to do with weddings? We’ve got 7 fabulously easy ways to incorporate a desk into your big day!

Firstly, we think our desk was absolutely born to be your guest table. Particularly for guest books that require a little more time to complete, our desk and chair combo create the perfect space for guests to leave their well wishes! Our guest book sign compliments our new desk perfectly!


For brides who are creating an in memory of photo display, finding the right display option can be challenging. Utilizing a desk rather than a table provides a coziness to your display, as well as sets it apart from the other tables in your ceremony or reception area.


Can you imagine your cake cutting photos featuring a gorgeously unique desk, rather than a bland regular table? Our desk will add the perfect touch of whimsy to your tasty cake table!


A desk can be a great option for smaller favors! Utilize the drawers for storage, and add a line in your program lettings guests know they should head for the red desk on their way out the door.


For all of our toasty summer outdoor brides, our desk is a charming way to offer guests refreshments before your wedding.


Have a million programs or fans and no creative way to display them? Our desk is just the right size, and can keep your paper goods safe from the elements!


Speaking of drawers, when using our desk as a gift table, the drawers are a perfect substitution for a card box- so go ahead and check that chore off your to-do list!


We can’t WAIT to see what our brides come up with for their summer weddings! Do you have any favorite trends of 2014 so far? 

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