Get the Look: Christmas Edition

Posted by Brandy Marshall on Monday, December 2, 2013 Under: holiday

With December officially kicking off our Christmas season, we thought today would be the perfect time for a Christmas edition of "Get the Look". We rounded up a couple of fabulous Christmas wedding ideas and paired them with some of our items that we think go hand in hand. 

It doesn't take much work to add a little Christmas flair to a blank canvas. Adding a red tie and a touch of holly or pinecones to a white chair cover is the perfect way to add a little holiday cheer to your seating options. 

In the spirit of the rustic trends we have been seeing this year, these gorgeous candlesticks are the perfect mix of whimsical and sophisticated. 

Our white cake stands are perfect for any occasion, and we have featured them in our "get the look" ideas before- but this gorgeous gingerbread house and accompanying sweets looked too good not to share. Setting a cake stand on a plate adds additional room to display your treats without crowding your table. 

We did a bit of bragging on our lanterns a couple of weeks ago when we reviewed our ideas for a Thanksgiving tables cape, but we love how the lantern looks when incorporated with wreath as a centerpiece. We may just steal this idea for decorating around the house. 

If you are struggling to find something innately cheery for your centerpieces, we recommend incorporating some berries. These gorgeous red berries would work in any of our vases- though we do love how they look in the cylinder shaped ones. 

If berries aren't quite what you had in mind, we recommend a touch of spray paint, some pinecones or branches and one of our square vases.

Any of our archways can be transformed into a holiday masterpiece with a bit of creativity- combined with some ornaments or a touch of deco mesh, or even just some evergreen branches. Arches are great for indoor winter weddings in addition to outdoor summer events. 

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