Get the look: Chandelier Edition

Posted by Brandy Marshall on Monday, March 31, 2014 Under: Wedding Ideas

We’ve gushed about our chandelier collection before (see that post here), but this year we have added so many new (and gorgeous) members to our chandelier family that we feel like a little more gushing might be in order. We love love LOVE how versatile these little babies are, and we know that we have just the right fit for your big day!

Our favorite thing about chandeliers (other than the inherent touch of bling) is how versatile they are. Not only have we seen chandeliers add a little sparkle to wedding altars and dance floors, we have seen them glam up sweetheart tables, decorate cake and gift tables, and even add a formal touch to the ever popular photo booth.

For any of our brides who have fallen in love with chandelier photos but aren’t quite sure which chandelier will work best, we’ve got a “get the look” that we are hoping will help turn your dreams into a reality:


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