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Posted by Brandy Marshall on Monday, November 11, 2013 Under: holiday
Thanksgiving is creeping steadily closer, and in addition to brushing off our cookbooks, we have been brainstorming ideas for our Thanksgiving tables and holiday parties! In honor of the holidays, we did a quick photo shoot to show off some of our new ideas and tips for creating an unforgettable setting for this year's holiday feast. 

Let's start with the base and work up. We like using white table cloths for our holidays, and incorporating a contrasting table runner. White table cloths are classic, and create a good crisp backdrop for your decorations and dishes. We used a black runner to make sure that our table really popped, without being too over the top. 

Now that you have your table covered, let's incorporate a little color. For the autumn season, we adore using fall leaves or berries as a noticeable and versatile pop of color (though in the interest of cleanliness, we suggest using faux rather than real leaves). Using a leaf garland as a base for the rest of your decorations is a good way to make sure you don't accidentally end up with a stark white table for your fall festivities. 

Next, let's talk about adding some interest with varying heights. Though tables that consist of very low or very high decorations are also gorgeous, we opted for incorporating a little extra interest by using short candles, tall vases, a lantern and some tall floating candle vases. You can even incorporate height by layering your place settings. Using a variety of heights will make your table feel fully decorated without being overly crowded. Here are all of the different heights we used: 

Each of the individual pieces is important as well, not just the overall effect. We like to introduce just a touch of glam with our votives, to balance out the earthy feeling of the leaves. 

In addition to our shorter candles, we included some tall vases filled with water and topped off with a floating candle. The vases and water are clear, which is an elegant way to add book-end the table setting. 

Since we are celebrating the harvest, we thought it would be appropriate to include a few members of the gourd family, and we even included a touch of maize for good measure. Keep gourds from feeling accidental by elevating them from the table intentionally, or arranging them thoughtfully amongst your foliage. 

Lastly, we opted to use a lantern we had on hand to fill out our centerpiece- but not in the way you might expect. We filled the lantern with festive fall pieces in order to make it a shadow box of sorts, rather than using the traditional candle approach. 

Last but not least, if you REALLY want to put your holiday feast over the top, we love the idea of including a little favor for your guests. Even something simple like a homemade Christmas ornament or a holiday snack will wow your guests when displayed in these gorgeous boxes supplied by our associates here

Is anyone else gearing up for decorating their table, or trying to remember granny's cranberry recipe? We'd love to hear your Thanksgiving decor ideas! 

**all pieces used in this photo shoot are available through our website, excluding the favor boxes, which are available here**

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