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Posted by Brandy Marshall on Monday, August 12, 2013 Under: baby shower
Is anyone else familiar with shower throwing anxiety? We've thrown our fair share of showers in our day, but we still remember vividly the overwhelming feeling of being on a shower task force without any idea where to start. Not only can showers require lots of thought and effort, they can be downright expensive and leave your closets full of vases and table clothes you will never use again. 

A great way to avoid pre-shower panic and post-shower clutter is to rent items rather than purchasing them. You might not know this, but we have carefully built up a collect of items to make shower throwing easy. Today we wanted to share a couple of our favorite baby shower ideas with you. 

To start with, you need to procure something to cover your tables. No matter what color combinations mama to be has fallen in love with, we have linens to fit her taste without breaking your budget. From playful pinks and purples to modern orange and greens, our bright tablecloths are the perfect way to set the mood

Now that you've got your tables covered (pun intended), you may be thinking about centerpieces. We've got everything from classic and kitschy vases to crystal candy dishes, depending on your taste. 

With one of this year's popular baby shower trends being "wishes for baby" cards filled out by guests and saved for a good laugh later, we know that you need a safe place to keep cards after they are filled out. We have adorable "baby boy" and "baby girl" boxes perfect for the job. 

On a practical note, you need a place to display your tasty desserts (or veggies, if you can control your sweet tooth better than we can) in their full glory. We have a great options for displaying everything from cupcakes to cucumbers. We also have great containers for serving bottle water and soda, particularly for outdoor showers.

Every baby shower needs a little extra flair, so we stock everything from cheerful hanging flower boxes to dainty glassware perfect for a little sparkle. We're sure that with your creativity and our collection, the mama to be in your life will be blown away by your shower throwing prowess! 

What is your go-to baby shower decor item? 

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