Archways: Pros and Cons

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Here at Oh So Chic, we are a fan of archways. We like their versatility, and that they can be used for everything from an altar to a cake table decoration. We love seeing how our brides dress our archways up, and make them their own. As with all rentals, however, there are also cons to using archways in your wedding. For brides who are on the fence about whether or not an archway is the way to go for their big day, we thought seeing some pros and cons might be helpful:

1). Archways are a great way to add focus to a large open space. If you are saying "I do" in front of a huge field of wheat, adding an archway can give guests a designated focal point that will help them focus on you. 
2). Archways can also add a cozy indoor feeling to an outdoor setting. If you love the idea of an altar, but long for rays of sun while you say your vows, an archway can be a good compromise. 
3). Archways are a good way to dress up a bland space. If you have a blank white wall behind your cake table and don't know what to do about it, consider adding an archway into the mix!
4). In the event of a truly unsightly space (think bulletin board covered in flyers that you aren't allowed to move) mixing an archway and some tulle together can give you a good way to cover unseemly aspects of your venue. 

Here are some gorgeous inspirational archways to get your creative juices flowing: 

1). While archways are a great way to add focus, you may not want to obstruct the view of the mountains that you meticulously found and planned to have has the backdrop for your photos. In cases like this, an archway at the beginning of the aisle rather than the end might be a good solution. 
2). If you and your hubby to be are nestled under the archway while you say your "I do"s, your guests on either side may have a hard time seeing and/or hearing you. We recommend having your officiant stand under the arch while the two of you stand slightly in front of it. 
3). Archways can be hard to move. If you are saying "I do" on the lake, or up in the mountains, dragging an archway around can be a hassle. This sounds like the perfect job for all those male cousins of yours. 
4). In addition to being difficult to transport, sometimes arches are difficult to put together if they come in pieces. Make sure to get instructions or a tutorial on the archway before you sign on the dotted line. 

Here are some of the gorgeous archways we have available for rent: 

So what do you think? Are you an archway lover, or an archway hater?

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