8 Unexpectedly Simple Rustic Wedding pieces

Posted by Brandy Marshall on Monday, March 17, 2014 Under: Wedding Ideas

Finding the balance between rustic, chic, elegant, outdoor and antique can be a bit of a balancing act, just ask any bride! Here at Oh So Chic, we try to make that balancing act as simple as possible by supplying our incredibly creative brides with the pieces they need to make their wedding days extraordinary. 

We’ve talked about our collection of archways before (check it out here if you are in need of an archway fix), and this year we are loving them more than ever. An archway on its own is gorgeous, but combining an archway with a hint of elegance with draped fabric will put your ceremony over the top (though the mountains don’t hurt either).


Combining one of our more rustic vases faux-birch vases with a large, soft arrangement is a great way to achieve a hint of rustic flavor without overpowering the simplicity and romance of your arrangements. To keep things extra subtle, keep the arrangement and the vase in the same color pallet.


Sometimes when we hear the word “rustic” we immediately think of burlap tablecloths with lace runners (which ARE gorgeous) but if you are hunting for something a little more simple we recommend opting for a white textured cloth. The texture of the cloth keeps it from being overly fancy, but the white will add a layer of simplicity that will help your other more obvious touches to pop a bit more.


On the subject of burlap, we are definitely still 100% supporters of incorporating touches of natural fiber into your day. We love the idea of incorporating our white chairs with burlap aisle décor, for example.


Chandeliers are one of our favorite parts of the more rustic weddings trends, as evidenced by our growing collection, but choosing the right chandelier can be difficult. Depending on the other pieces already in your décor, you may want to go for something blatantly rustic, like our popular wagon wheel chandelier. Alternatively, if subtle is a little more your style we recently added a couple sweet and simple members to our chandelier family that might really be your cup of tea (see our new items here).


When it comes to giving your guests directions, we think that signs are 100% useful, but should also be 100% beautiful. This sign adds a personal hand written touch, but keeps the coloring simple to avoid being overwhelming.


Though leather may not be the first thought in your head when you think “rustic wedding” we think that a little contrast in texture and shapes can be just what your wedding décor needs. We actually have this little guy in brown also, and we love the creative seating arrangements that they make possible.

You’ve heard us gush over our wagon (you’ve seen it, can you really blame us? Check it out here) but our wagon is good for more than just toting around adorable flower girls and ring bearers. Utilizing things like our wagon as creative storage for things like programs, flowers, bubbles or even flatware will instantly add a feeling of whimsy to your wedding proceedings. 

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