8 Reasons to Book Your Wedding Rentals Now

Posted by Brandy Marshall on Monday, October 20, 2014 Under: rental information

1). The most obvious reason to book your rentals early is pretty easy- you want dibs on the items you fell in love with, and we want to make sure that we have them reserved for you! We have a couple of pieces that people from across the country inquire regularly about, so getting your name on the books early ensures that you have all the pieces to make your wedding day vision come true! How early is too early? Too early doesn’t exist.


2). Knowing what your tables/chairs/decoration situation is can help you with all of that Pinterest-ing we know you are going to do. You will know how many of the long burlap and lace table runners you need to make for the rectangular tables you have cleverly reserved (ahem- we also have some lovely runners available if you are feeling less crafty), and which “Mr. & Mrs.” signs will work best with the chairs you chose.


3). Along that same line of thinking, if you are scouring thrift stores for specific accent pieces, or trying to collect things like vintage linens, it can really help to know dimensions of specific pieces. If you know just what archway you plan to use to make your alter the focus of your backyard wedding, you won’t have to guess if the perfect lace fabric you found will be long enough to weave across the top.


4). Checking things off your to do list is not only productive, it is cathartic. You might be surprised to see how much of a relief it is to have your rentals out of the way and waiting for you when your wedding day approaches. Reserving early is a great way to get some piece of mind, and it is one of the tasks that can feasibly be done in advance, unlike those boutonnieres you will be assembling before your rehearsal dinner.


5). If you are dropping in to reserve your tables or those barrels we love so much, you will have the opportunity to browse the rest of our collection of rentals, and you might discover pieces that you were planning to have to buy, but can rent instead. Mason jars, for example, can be moved from your “to buy” list to your “reserved” list in a blink of a cost-saving eye!


6). During the reservation process, you will get to meet and chat with one of us, and can utilize our experience and knowledge to answer any questions you have. It can be really helpful to have someone to answer some of the questions you have about tables, chairs, linens, set up, etc.


7). We know that this sort of goes without saying, but there are specific weekends and times of year that are incredibly popular for weddings. Reserving your rentals early is a must for those big wedding weekends, our custom pieces go fast!


8). Adding to your current rental reservation is much easier than starting your reservation from scratch. Sometimes brides want to wait until they know how many people will be coming before they reserve things like tables, chairs, or even accent pieces. We encourage you to go ahead and make a reservation with soft numbers, and then chat with us about altering them if the need arises.


We are already booking 2015 weddings, and would love for you to be one of them! 

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