6 Creative Wedding Terrarium Ideas

Posted by Brandy Marshall on Friday, August 29, 2014 Under: Wedding Ideas

Last year around this time, we did a quick run down for you about some of our favorite autumn floral ideas (check that post out here), and the rentals that we thought would compliment them best. This year, we wanted to explore one of the more recent trends in the floral department- terrariums!

There is something so incredibly whimsical and fun about this trend that we just couldn’t wait to share it with you! We love the colors and the variations that terrariums can provide- and we are always a fan of succulents of ANY kind. 

Typically when we think terrarium, we picture a glass container of some kind, with small plants or decorations inside (real or fake, depending on the green-ness of your thumb). We have the perfect little glass vases to pull something like that off (1, 2, 3)

Alternatively, for an added rustic flair, we found this adorable idea utilizing our new blue tinted mason jars that we just can’t get enough of: (1, 2)


We got to wondering if anyone had utilized our hanging vases to create a terrarium display, and sure enough! How drop dead GORGEOUS is this? We were completely floored by the idea of using these as a hanging garden for your wedding: (1, 2)

Another fun twist on the typical terrarium idea is to utilize a lantern rather than a completely glass container. The frame of the lantern can help ground things a little bit- and adds a little something special to the display (1, 2)

For a terrarium on a bit of a larger scale, might we suggest utilizing one of our larger apothecary jars? We love the look that the glass base gives, and the height that a taller jar gives you to work with. Plus, incredibly fun shapes! (1, 2)

Speaking of fun sizes, terrariums don’t have to be short and round, they can easily be tall and slender! We love the way that our cylinder vases capture the levels of color in floral arrangements. (1, 2)

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