2014 Table Trends

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We have been bragging quite a bit on our new products lately, but we don’t want to forget some of our unsung heroes- like the tables and chairs that everyone needs to make events happen! Our tables are the perfect blank canvas, awaiting your bridal paint brush and creativity. We’ve been tracking some table-topping trends for 2014, and we are loving what we have seen so far!

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We love love LOVE the layered look for tables. Our favorite thing about it is that there are so many fun ways to incorporate layers, and that they each set a different tone for your table. For example, layering a gingham fabric with burlap (1) and wood creates a very “shabby chic” tone for a reception. Layering vintage lace with gold (2) and adding layered china, however, can be great way to achieve a luxurious and formal vibe. Layering color on a flat black or white cloth (3) can really make the colors “pop”, and create a lot of bang for not a lot of buck. Layering can even stretch to the sky (4), if you incorporate a cohesive color scheme with your table and room décor. 1 2 3 4

One of the other trends we are noticing is an oldie, but a goodie; the white table cloth. However, this isn’t your grandmother’s white table cloth (unless you are borrowing your grandmother’s table cloth, in which case we applaud your vintage score). We are seeing brides spruce up the traditional white table cloth with all sorts of interesting ideas.  We love the look of a white/neutral color scheme for lodge/outdoor weddings (1), because it adds an element of crisp contrast to the more natural tones. For the modern bride, going with an all white theme for table settings, flowers and décor can create a sophisticated aura for a reception (2). White table cloths also creates the perfect backdrop to show off flowers and/or dinnerware without overwhelming the senses (3).  Keeping your tables neutral is also an easy way to make your space feel large, open and airy (4), particularly if you draw the eye upward by incorporating some hanging decorations. 1 2 3 4

Lastly, this year so far we have spotted a TON of textures being incorporated into table décor. Not only are we seeing gorgeous sequins alongside mercury glass (1), which just oozes decadence, we are also seeing more simple textures, like burlap with glass and antiqued wood (2). Even if you want to keep the table cloths you use simple, you can create texture by varying your centerpieces, and incorporating textured glass, varying flowers, and throwing in an extra texture like wood into the mix (3), or by tying your menus off with a bit of twine and a floral accent (4). 1 2 3 4


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