10 Ways to Set Your Wedding Apart with Rentals

Posted by Brandy Marshall on Friday, June 14, 2013 Under: Wedding Ideas

We know that our savvy brides are always looking for ways to make their weddings one of a kind (preferably ideas that don’t make your wallet cringe). We put our heads together, and have 10 easy ways you can utilize our rentals to make your wedding one of a kind!


As excited as we all are about the summer months, outdoor summer brides live in perpetual fear of sunburned and heat-stroked guests. Our new white umbrellas are a great way to keep guests in the shade that give you more options than the traditional tent set up.

Conversation Seating

A trend that is up-and-coming in the wedding world is creative seating arrangements. Whether you want your guests to sit and mingle during cocktail hour, or are looking for a good set up for a dessert only reception, conversation seating is an easy way to shake things up. We recommend using our wood or leather ottomans and benches to give yourself some options.

Wedding Signs

Handmade signs are taking Pinterest by storm, and while we love the DIY spirit, we know that sometimes time runs short and you can’t squeeze everything in to your day that you originally planned. We offer a sweet array of wood signs that announce everything from the bride’s arrival to the location of the guest book.



Lanterns aren’t a new fangled wedding idea, but their uses are virtually limitless. Our brides are using lanterns with Christmas lights for funky and colorful décor, or even using oversized lanterns to balance aesthetics instead of large floral arrangements. If your summer wedding is happening in mosquito country, you may even consider using lanterns to burn insect repellant candles.


Rustic Barrels

Barrels are another trend that we are falling in love with this year. Pinterest is dripping with great ideas for barrel planters, coffee tables, and décor of all kinds. We love the ideas of using barrels as a rustic touch for a cake table or even to add a little interest to the ceremony décor. Renting our gorgeous barrels lets you have all the charm without giving up the garage space to store 20 barrels in your garage after the big day.


Wood Ideas

On the topic of rustic trends, we are loving the idea of working wood into ceremony décor this year. Anything from using stumps to set off your floral arrangements to utilizing any of our handy wooden arches or statement pieces can give your wedding a memorable quality.

Butterfly Box
If you really want to wow your guests, and are considering displaying or releasing butterflies, we have the perfect way to display your winged art. Our understated mesh boxes are the perfect addition to your wedding décor.



Chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes, and whether your are planning a formal event or a rustic hoedown, we’ve got the perfect chandelier to complete your day. Even if you are more of a rustic kind of gal, adding a little bling with a chandelier can set your day over the top without overdoing it.


Serve Drinks

We are seeing a trend of summer brides serving drinks to their guests pre-ceremony, to make sure everyone is hydrated and happy before the nuptials begin. If you are thinking of going the drink serving route, we have the perfect elevated buckets to get the job done.


Creative Vases

Using vases and flowers as wedding décor isn’t exactly ground breaking, but we have a collection of vases that are anything but ordinary. We love everything from the simple glass vases to the hanging basket vases. Our vases can be utilized in any number of centerpieces, floral or otherwise, that will make your reception pop.

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