10 Tips for Your Fall Florals

Posted by Brandy Marshall on Monday, September 16, 2013 Under: Wedding Ideas
Autumn is here and we are love love LOVING the cooler weather! As we wait for the leaves to change, we have been dreaming of one of fall's other colorful traditions: floral arrangements! We love the fall color palette and all the fun pieces that can be mixed with flowers when autumn rolls into town. We've got 10 tips on how to make your fall florals flourish, complete with examples paired with our inventory:

1). If you want to give your event some height, but don't want to spring for the world's largest floral arrangement, work some taller pieces like grass, vines, pussy willows or even branches into the top of your arrangement. This, combined with using a wide based vase will make sure that your arrangement doesn't get too top heavy. 

2). We tend to think of orange, red, yellow and brown as the primary fall colors, but pink is a great way to soften your palette a little bit. If your bouquet will be comprised of mostly long stemmed flowers, consider using a vase that shows off the stems, rather than cutting them short, for an added pop of color. 

3). Working berries or other unusual flowers into your arrangement is a fun way to add interest without breaking the bank. If you have tall vases that need some interest throughout, consider working some berries in with the stems in the water. 

4). A small vase doesn't necessarily mean that your arrangement needs to be small. You can use a small vase as a base for a wide arrangement, provided that you arrange things carefully. Consider weighting the bottom of your vase with something other than or in addition to water, to make sure that you are 100% not tip-able if you are using your little vases as centerpieces. 

5). Make your floral arrangements play off their settings. During the summer time, pinks and purples pick up the color of water and set the mood. In the fall, colors are bolder and can match nearly any setting, even the stairs of your entry way!

6). Short arrangements are a great way to save a little dough, and can be ideal for conversation across banquet style seating. We love how full shorter arrangements look, and we do not have a shortage of short vase styles for you to take a gander at. 

7). Incorporating unexpected items into arrangements is a fun way to make a statement. Depending on the mood you intend to create, we've seen everything from feathers, jewelry, and pinwheels to dried apples, twigs, sparklers and dried leaves. 

8). Succulents are the perfect way to temper a color palette or incorporate a little visual detailing to your arrangements. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and add just the perfect tough to an otherwise simple arrangement or bouquet. 

9). If you're on a budget, bridesmaid bouquets can make great temporary decor. The key is to make it as easy as possible for bridesmaids to drop their bouquet off and pick it up later- which means no dismantling. We recommend assigning each bridesmaid a vase as a drop point. We like tall vases for this purpose- but there are a wide variety of vases that can work perfectly! 

10). After a summer full of mason jar frenzy, we are hopping into fall and seeing brides find even more creative ways to use their jars. If you want to add interest to the actual jar, fill the jar with river rocks, or another dark material to ground it. If you want to keep things light and just add a little sparkle, consider adding an empty mason jar next to a larger arrangement. 

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