10 Rental Dos and Don’ts for the Pinterest Bride

Posted by Brandy Marshall on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 Under: rental information


1). Drop by and look at your rental options before you hit the pin boards

2). Use pinterest for ideas to dress up stock items.

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3). Talk to your rental companies about restrictions/guidelines for use. Most rental companies probably won’t let you dip their vases in glitter and glue, so if you have a real hankering for a glue-glitter combo you may need to consider buying instead.

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4). Keep things realistic. Maybe renting tablecloths is a better idea than trying to hand sew table cloths for all 30 of your tables. We say this because we love you, and want you to be as relaxed as possible as your big day approaches.

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5). Peruse online ideas and past client ideas from your local rental company to see items in action.


1). Be afraid to purchase or make the one of a kind things you fall in love with

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2). Forget that not every item in your wedding needs to be Pinterest-craft worthy. Sometimes going with a simple solution, like pretty glass vases instead of vintage milk bottles can give you time to spend on other things. Like sleeping. Or remembering to breath.

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3). Forget about the over-all vision while adoring the details. You will need tables to put under those centerpieces, so make sure to reserve what you need.

4). After you make a decision, stop looking at alternative options. If you painstakingly chose a centerpiece arrangement and found a great vase that works perfectly, maybe stop searching for additional centerpiece ideas. There will always be something else that catches your eye- but the laws of sanity dictate that too much inspiration is overwhelming.

5). Forget that the pinterest search function is your friend. If you are looking for wedding bistro table ideas, let the search function narrow the results for you- so you can peruse with purpose. 


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