10 Creative Ways to Use Barn Doors in your Wedding

Posted by Brandy Marshall on Monday, January 20, 2014 Under: Wedding Ideas
We have acquired a couple new items for our upcoming wedding season, and one of our absolute favorites are these gorgeous barn doors:

We have them in white and brown- so we know that they will fit your wedding vision perfectly!

Vintage? Check. Rustic? Check. Unique? Check. 

In case you are dying to use our lovely doors, but aren't quite sure how they will fit in to your wedding vision, we have compiled 10 creative ways we think our doors can spice up your wedding decor. 

1. Making an Altar. When used in conjunction with one of our archways (or even on their own), our doors create a perfect frame for saying your vows. Particularly for those brides saying "I do" in front of gorgeous scenery, a frame can guide guests' eyes without detracting from the mountain views. 

2. Creating a backdrop. For indoor and outdoor weddings alike, our doors can create a subtle backdrop for the ceremony, reception, or even photo booth. 

3. Aisle entrance. The front of the ceremony isn't the only place that can benefit from a little door-love. Flanking the beginning of your aisle with doors creates separation between spaces, and helps transport guests to the beautiful ceremony you have worked so hard to create. 

4. Space divider. If you need to wall off a bit of space for your guestbook, or need to visually divide your ceremony space from your reception, our doors can provide a little structure without cutting things off entirely. If you are tight on space, you could even combine your divider with a photo wall or guest book area. 

5. Welcome sign. Let your guests know the flavor of your wedding right off by using one of our doors to show off your "welcome" sign. 

6. Escort Card holder. We are always on the look out for creative ways to let guests know where they are sitting for the reception- and our doors fit the bill perfectly. Having a vertical display for escort cards can be especially handy for brides with limited table space. 

7. Memory of wall. Our doors can also be a great backdrop for displaying photos of loved ones, or the bride and groom. Grab some temporary hooks and photos, and you will have yourself a unique and creative photo display in no time. 

8. Cake Table backdrop. We love the idea of using our doors to create visual vignettes in your reception area. Make sure your guests know where the cake is by making the area charmingly obvious.

9. Sweetheart Table backdrop. Speaking of creating space in your reception area, we highly recommend using our doors to make your sweetheart table cozy and photogenic. 

10. Barrel table. If vertical display ideas aren't quite your style, grab a couple of our barrels and a door and make yourself a one of a kind refreshment table that guests will love. 

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Escort Card Holder

Cake Table Backdrop

Photo Display/Memory of Wall

Aisle Entrance

Sweetheart Table



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